I am your sister, We are sisters

I have cousin who lives in North Carolina. We’re about the same age however we do not talk as often as we would like. One day she texted me and asked me to pray for her because the enemy is really “trying” her. I was shocked because I haven’t spoken to her in couple of years. I knew that it had to be important.I did not question God I just immediately prayed for her.

Even though I didn’t know the problem I still felt empowered to lift her name up to God. So that brings me to my question? Who have you prayed for? Who are you praying for?

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As we all know pray changes things no matter the circumstances. I encourage everyone to pray for one another especially in a time like this that we are living in. We are sisters and we stay together by prayer. You never know what someone may be going through.

Sisters lifting Sisters Pray,

Dear God,

We need you now than ever. Thank you for always being there for us even when we don’t believe that you. Thank you for your unconditional love that is better than any love of a man. You will always be lifted and praised as long as we shall live on earth and when we get to heaven. You are so worthy and powerful. You are Alpha and Omega. We worship you oh Lord. YOU are worthy to be praised.

Thank you God for another day to lift my sisters up!



You cannot RUN from God

We run away from God’s calling on our life so many times. Often because we are afraid to handle the responsibility or we feel the fear of not doing best at the job.

Do you remember Jonah in the bible?

–God told Jonah to go to Nineveh the great ciy, and cry out against it for their wickeness. However, Jonah decided to go to Tarshish and attempted to flee from God’s call to preach to the people of Nineveh.

While Jonah thought he could escape from God by getting on a ship sailing far away. God prevents Jonah’s escape by sending a storm that was so strong that the ship was about to break down.

While the storm was going on the sailors were panicing and Jonah was asleep. When the sailors woke Jonah up he was astonished to see how great the storm was. Immediately he started to cry out to God to repent for what he had done. He also requested the sailors to throw him over the boat to stop the storm. Jonah was a prophet and he knew that if the sailors threw him over the storm was stop. Which it did.  Now God prepared a great fish to swallow Joanh for three days and three nights. After Jonah prayed to the Lord from the belly of the fish, God spoke to the fish and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

After God told Jonah to go to Nineveh to speak a second time. So this time that is exactly what Jonah did. The people of Nineveh ( Assyrians) turned from their evil ways and God relented from destroying the city. He had compassion for them. But Jonah was angry- he wanted them to be destroyed. God asked Jonah – “is it right for you to be angry?”

Read Jonah


This story reminds me that we often flee from God’s calling everyday. When he tells us to do something we become afraid or fearful. However, God does not operate in fear. Faith and fear cannot occupy the same place or time. We should not be angry about anyone else’s accomplishment or blessings in their life. God has a plan and purpose for everyone. All you need to do is submit to him and obey his word. When he calls you do something— never ever flee from him. God is the way the truth and the light.screenshot-2016-09-21-at-1-45-26-pm



Thank you lord for your grace and mercy. Thank you for always showing up compassion when we don’t deserve it. Help us to become more like you. More compassionate to others and slow to anger. We will forever serve you because you are our God. We love you!



Seeing the invisible

Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 11.05.28 AM  When someone is hurt it shows in every area of their life. Why is that?  Well, maybe because we allow the hurt to affect us. Yes of course pain hurts but it doesn’t last long. There is always gold at the end of the rainbow. But how long does it last? It solely depends on you? When will you realize it’s time for healing?  God always uses sugar for our vinegar. He never lets us go without nothing. Even though, we may feel like we don’t have much just remember his grace is sufficient for us.

The fact that his mercy is new every morning, we have the opportunity to start over. Start fresh. HE has already forgiven us! That’s the beauty in it all… No matter how many times we mess up he can still cover us. Thank you God for covering me.

2 Corinthians 4:10 ~ Therefore, we do not lose heart, even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.


Prayer:  Dear God, Thank you for never giving up on us. Help us to remain true and honest to you. We pray for continous strength through it all. We love you God. You are our everything because you created everything. You are wonderful and marvelous. Loving, Caring and most of all you are our Father. Thank you God for everything you did for us and what you are doing for us.


I have a friend in Jesus

Screenshot 2016-07-29 at 10.54.56 AM.png

  Isn’t it amazing to know that you have  a friend in Jesus. Honestly, when your friends aren’t there when you need them. He is the friend of all friends. He always listens and there is not one day that he decides that he is too busy to be there. Its unconditional…

If we know that God is there for us all the time. Why do we not seek him? Why do we not talk to him, and trust in his word and believe in what he has promises us.


 I believe it has something to do with our flesh. We have to check our flesh and get more in tuned with our spirit. The more in tuned with our spirit the more we are willing and able to seek God first in everything that we do. “But seek first the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness, and all things will be given to you as well.- Matthew 6:33” No more beating up yourself about not talking to God everyday.. No more telling God I know I don’t talk to you like I should- but you know my heart. ( that’s unnecessary) You know what is right!

I challenge everyone – even myself to focus on living by the truth. Live for God first!  Seek God first! We often ask him to do things for us but God is also wanting us to do things for him! 

Watch your life change when you try Jesus- He is your best friend! 

Screenshot 2016-07-29 at 10.55.37 AM

Prayer to God;

Dear GOD,

Thank you for being there for us through it all. Thank you for being our friend. We love you and adore you God. There is none like you nowhere. We make this vow to you today Father that we will seek you first in all that we do. We will feed more of our spirit so that you can reveal the truth to us. It may not be easy God but its worth it. We pray for strength and wisdom. Continue to cover us in Jesus Name.





God can do all things!

God is able to do all possible things. I know that there are so many things that need to get done or what we need to do. But when in doubt —

We need God every day, every hour- we need him. Always pray and mediate on him day and night.

Stay encouraged

.Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 3.11.06 PM.png Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 3.06.39 PM

Mediate on  Matthew 19:26- “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” ; Galatians 1:16- “All things were created through him and for for God.”


God, you are amazing! Continue to show us the works of your hands!  We love you God.



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Beginning to find what your purpose is in life can be a struggle but its a journey that you must go through. When you get to the other side of the rainbow, it’t like WOW God. “I see why you had to take me through to get me here.”

Now some people take longer than others to get to their purpose because God wanted them to uncover themselves before they can receive what he intended them to have. God knows what he’s doing. Don’t be mistaken. He doesn’t want us to get so comfortable with his many blessings all of the time. Think about it… if he gave us what we wanted when we weren’t prepared for it, we would of missed the mark. Would of missed out on the true blessing of it all. HE gives us opportunities, experiences, tests and trials in life so we can actually grow. Many times when we face difficult times we often question God. ” Why am I going through this?”; “Why me?”

I have good news!!!!! Everything you went through from your childhood to now and is to set you up for your destiny, your PURPOSE that God has for you. It’s never too late to get to where God has called you to be. Its a very simple solution— Put your faith and full trust in God so he can guide your path. If we keep guiding ourselves, we will continue to to struggle and fall short every time. You know that you didn’t wake up this morning without GOD’s doing. You know God is the creator of all things.

So it’s time to change our thinking… think about it?? Where do you want to be in life? In 5 to 10 years? Maybe tomorrow. Put it in your mindset that only if I follow God.. I can truly get to where I need to be. Where I am supposed to be. Do you know God can do the impossible? We need stop letting him come in between what we think we need and what we really need from God’s will. I don’t know about you but I want the things that God has for me.

When you fully submit to God – you are being healed spiritually and naturally. I believe that we often hold ourselves back from God truly working miracles in our life at times because we want to go our own way. As if we going to miss out on life. For John 10:10 says- “The thief cometh not, but for to steal and to kill and to destroy; I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (kjv)

I encourage you all to give your all to God and watch him work miracles in your life and you will know your purpose through him.


Dear Father God,
Thank you for what you have given us the spirit to not fear, when we mess up over and over again your grace covers us. Your mercy renews our minds and we love you for never giving up on us. We pray that we continue to fully your plans for our lives. Help us to focus and trust in you at all times. From this day forward we will step out on faith in everything we do. Thank you for everything God. We love you today and forever.




God is amazing- for simply who he is. He is amazing for all that he has done for you and he is doing for you now seen and unseen. No matter what your issues are everything will work out for the good because God is with you through it all. It can be very stressful to always worry about  the now-the bills you have to pay,the children you have to take care of, the tasks that you need to accomplish and even the future things you desire. But if you know that God will supply all of your needs- no matter what it is. That’s hope.

That’s the joy that you have to feel inside of you when you know you are going through things.

Read Psalms 27- for encouragement. This will encourage you everyday- read it everyday, write it down and memorize it.

I had to go in the bible to get words of encouragement and strength to keep me going because at times I said to myself that ” I can’t do it anymore and I want to give up” I lost my faith.The reason why we get this way is because we lack feeding our spirit with the word of God. When you really stop doing what you’re doing ; walking your own path, and ask God for his help-that directs you to read his word.

His word can get you through anything and everything. I have been reading the word, highlighting the scriptures and applying it to my life etc.

Here’s a prayer to God:

Father,  we want to say thank you for being the supplier for all our needs. We know that we would not make it without you. We ask that you help us in our time of trouble, help us have more  desire to seek you. more courage and wisdom to get through. We ask that you help us to be patience and wait on your plans for our lives. We just thank you for the words that are in the bible. We thank you for other women that are in our corner to encourage us each and everyday.

In Jesus Name Amen



Prayer works

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Often times we forget to pray everyday because we get to busy with our day to day task/ activities.

I challenge you to always begin your day with prayer. It does not have to be a long, drawn our prayer. Its just you and God talking about what you are thankful for and expressing to him how wonderful he is. Having that encounter with God early in the morning. – ( :Those who seek me early shall me”- Proverbs 8:17 ) Is the best breakfast you could ever have.

I believe all struggle with this. But do you believe prayer works? It’s a must to focus on developing a strong and strategic prayer life.

Here is a prayer to God :

Father, we just want to say thank you for waking us up this morning and starting us on our way God. We love you and honor you today. There is nobody in this world that is like you. We lift up everyone that reads this blog, that whatever they may be struggling or dealing with please give them strength, wisdom and the ability to know that they can do anything  if they put their full trust in you God.

In Jesus Name Amen

What is love?

What is love? Is it just a word? Is love a feeling? Is it a diagnostic? or Is it something that happens overnight?

There is something about love that many of us seem to fail to realize- Love is GOD. God is LOVE. If you love someone, it should be the same love that God has for you. Do you agree?

Not in the world today. People use the word love just to get what they want from a person. “Baby- I love you — because I want to sex.” ” I love you–because you gave me money, a car, diamonds, or you paid my bills.” Love is not supposed to be a trap. It should not be a word that people use to get what they want when they want it. It should not be a situation where you must question yourself. The act of love is not difficult. I often asked myself – Does he really love me?  I thought it was love because of how I felt about him but, was it love? I was confused, don’t understand why I have to question myself. Once we give up our hearts, we end up giving our parts. Therefore we must question ourselves: what does God say about love?

Screenshot 2016-07-06 at 8.58.28 AM

I had to dig a little deeper because I needed to know the real meaning of Love.

In Romans 12: 9- Love must be sincere

Romans 13:10- Love does no harm to a neighbor

1 Corinthians 13:7 -It always protects, trusts and hopes

1 Corinthians 13:13 -The greatest gift is love

Remember God loved you first!




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